Where Do People Go When They Leave San Francisco?


There is news about people leaving San Francisco all the time, but they don’t go as far as you think. They only move to the county beside them, at most.

San Francisco is the city of dreams, but sometimes dreams come at a price. It’s no secret that living in San Francisco is expensive, and many people can’t afford to stick around for the long haul. So if you’re one of them, where do you go?

Beyond the County

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The county is close, but there’s a chance you’ll find better jobs, cheaper housing, and a higher quality of life in other parts of the Bay Area. If you want breathing room from the traffic and sky-high rent prices, head south down Highway 101.


Seattle is a popular location for individuals who wish to escape San Francisco while still being in a place like SF. It’s going to be a long drive, but it’s going to be worth the thrill. 

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Seattle is the most incredible location to roast coffee and manage the coffee supply chain. Similarly, people in the city like coffee, and the world knows the city for its strong coffee culture and many coffeehouses.


People prefer Sacramento over the Bay Area because of the lower cost of living. People can now afford more room and comfort in their houses, which has risen to the top of COVID’s priority list. 

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is undoubtedly the unrivaled center of the entertainment industry due to its abundance of entertainment venues, including film studios, the Sunset Strip, Venice Beach, historical museums, internationally renowned amusement parks, vineyards, breweries, lively nightlife, and many other attractions.


Look no farther than Oakland if you want to find a place to call home close to San Francisco while providing access to the city’s conveniences, as is the case in Oakland. In addition, it is the location of some of the best restaurants and breweries in the state of California.

New York City

When it comes to American metropolises, New York is near the top. NY is a beautiful spot to live if you like being close to some of the nation’s top museums and entertainment venues. It also provides excellent pizza and bagels.


It isn’t easy to find a more pleasing position in the United States for convenient access to some of the country’s best outdoor activities than Portland.

Furthermore, the city’s affordable expenses make it an appealing alternative for people looking for a new home that won’t break the bank but has a lot of individuality and character.

Leaving the City by the Bay

The best part about leaving San Francisco is that it allows you to explore some other places in California that are equally as beautiful but less expensive than living in one of the most expensive cities in America.

 You may have heard about how expensive the cost of living is in San Francisco, but when you leave it behind and move on to other places in the Bay Area, you’ll find that things are much cheaper.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a new place to live, don’t forget that there are plenty of other areas in California where you can find a great home at an affordable price.

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