The $6 Billion Naval Weapons Station Project Will Make Concord a City of the Future


Concord, CA – Developers Wednesday unveiled a new plan for the massive $6 billion Naval Weapons Station project that will see 15,595 new homes built on the site of the decommissioned military base.

Originally planned as a mixed-use development with 13,000 new homes, 2,700 acres of parks, and 6 million square feet of commercial and academic space on the former base of 12,800 acres, the new plan includes an additional 3,000 residential units to meet the demand created by an influx of new residents.

The developer informed the organization in charge of the decommissioned naval base’s redevelopment that the project is unfeasible from an investment standpoint due to the high costs of constructing the necessary infrastructure, the lack of clear community benefits, and the requirement to adhere to stringent land use regulations.

“Continually, we have questioned the validity of our previous beliefs.”We are using accurate building prices based on our expertise of the region,” Conford First said in a recent letter to the agency. According to our analysis, “the project, as it now stands, does not function for any responsible development organization.”

This is a huge step forward for a community that had seen several setbacks over the years, the most recent of which happened in March 2020 when master developer Lennar Corp. withdrew from the project in response to municipal demands that it hire local employees.

Almost four years after selecting Lennar to construct the project’s first phase, the City Council severed ties with the builder by declining to renew an exclusive bargaining deal. This action signaled the beginning and end of the two parties’ relationship.

Recently, in October, the Concord City Council chose the Seeno company as the preferred builder above two other competitors, one of which being Brookfield Properties, one of the largest property developers in the world. Concord First drafted a “project labor agreement” with the various building trades to get clearance from the City Council, which Lennar had been hesitant to undertake.

The development is expected to take 40 years to complete—but officials say it will provide significant benefits for residents in Concord and surrounding areas.

According to city documents, the 40-year timeline covers all construction phases, including environmental remediation and site preparation. After that phase, developers can begin building commercial space and apartment buildings.

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