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Space Explorers: The Infinite is an art installation that you experience through virtual reality goggles and feels like being on the International Space Station.

The installation combines 360-degree video with physical elements like a replica of the ISS and 3D-printed models of astronauts so that users can see what it’s like to be on board the station and understand what it’s like being in space.

The Infinite inspired by NASA

What is Space Explorers?

Space Explorers The Infinite is the world’s largest immersive experience about life in space, and it’s coming to Richmond Waterfront in the San Francisco Bay area.

The first hour-long collective immersive experience takes guests on an interactive journey aboard the International Space Station (ISS). It immerses them in the wonders of space travel.

After immensely successful runs in Montreal, Houston, and Tacoma, Space Explorers: THE INFINITE will soon lift off on Richmond Waterfront.

The show has been described as “an out-of-this-world experience” that “will leave you feeling like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.” It features a state-of-the-art audio system that includes music from NASA astronauts, which helps set the mood for the show.

How Much Do the Tickets at Space Explorers Cost?

The Space Explorers The Infinite experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the history of space exploration in an immersive way. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an astronaut on your way to the moon or be immersed in a mission to Mars, this is the place for you.

The Space Explorers experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for children and adults to see the world from a different perspective. It’s a fun place for children and their parents alike—general admission costs:

  • Adult for $39.00 per person
  • Child (8-12) for $21.00 per person
  • Student for $33.00 per person
  • Group Bundle (min. of 6) for $33.60 per person

What Can You Do at Space Explorers?

When immersing yourself in the wonders of space, there’s no better place to do it than Space Explorers. Here, you can witness mind-blowing views of the Earth and feel the immensity of Space right before your eyes. You can also explore an entirely walkable 3D model of the International Space Station. And if that isn’t enough, you can join the crew of astronauts as they embark on epic adventures and discover new worlds.

But don’t worry—there’s more! With complete installations from world-renowned Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda and immersive VR experiences that will make your jaw drop, Space Explorers is an experience everyone should have at least once.

Take some time out from all that excitement and join the crew of astronauts as they tell their epic adventures from beyond our atmosphere—they’ll keep your attention from start to finish with their fascinating stories about life in space.

Buckle Up, and Let’s Blast Off

Space Explorers The Infinite is bringing space one step closer to Richmond, Virginia.

In October 2022, a new event will be launched that brings people from all walks of life together to experience what it’s like to be an astronaut.

For those who have dreamed of exploring outer space and for those who are interested in learning about the challenges and triumphs that come with it, this event is not to be missed.

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