Signal House: A New Development in West Oakland


Illustrations have been released for the upcoming Signal House project located at 1405 Wood Street in West Oakland, Alameda County. Spread across 2.5 acres of vacant land surrounding the historic 16th Street Train Station, this development aims to revitalize the area and add 90 townhome-style residences. Spearheaded by City Ventures, Signal House promises to breathe new life into Oakland’s Prescott neighborhood.

With its strategic location and thoughtful design, Signal House is set to become the fifth noteworthy development near the abandoned station. Boasting a total of ten buildings, ranging in height from 35 to 48 feet, the construction will encompass an impressive 141,300 square feet. The units themselves will vary in size, offering a diverse range of housing options, including 15 studios, four one-bedroom apartments, and 71 two-bedroom townhomes. To accommodate residents, 99 parking spaces and eight bicycle spots will be provided. Additionally, approximately 1,600 square feet of retail space will be incorporated along Wood Street, enhancing the overall convenience and appeal of the development.

Renowned architectural firm WHA has been entrusted with the design of Signal House, and their illustrations provide a glimpse into the project’s vision. The ten structures will feature distinctive floorplates, creating a visually captivating effect as they wrap around the spacious inner streets. Each townhouse will boast a unique layout, marked by rhythmic setbacks and elegant bay windows, adding charm and character to the individual condos. In contrast, the retail space will sport a historicized facade, complete with faux marble bricks, paying homage to the adjacent station’s architectural heritage.

It is worth noting that the irregular-shaped parcel of land borders the historic 16th Street Train Station, a magnificent Beaux Arts masterpiece designed by renowned architect Jarvis Hunt for Southern Pacific Railroad in 1912. Serving as the primary Amtrak stop for the Bay Area until 1994, when operations shifted to Emeryville, this station holds great historical significance.

Signal House joins a prestigious list of projects that have revitalized this iconic landmark. Holliday Development’s Pacific Cannery Lofts, Bridge Housing’s affordable housing Ironhorse, Pulte’s Zephyr Gate, and City Venture’s 171-townhome Stationhouse, designed by Baran Studio Architecture, have all contributed to the renaissance of the area.

With CBG providing consulting services for civil engineering, the estimated cost and timeline for the construction phase of Signal House are yet to be determined. However, one thing is certain: this development holds great promise for first-time homebuyers and young families seeking to establish their roots in Oakland. The flexible range of housing options ensures that Signal House caters to diverse family sizes, offering a comfortable and welcoming environment for all.

We eagerly anticipate the transformation of 1405 Wood Street into a vibrant community hub. If you’re interested in updates of this development or any others in the East Bay, be sure to reach us with our contact info located on our website.

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