San Ramon’s New Mixed-Use Neighborhood Takes Shape with Sunset Development’s Vision


Exciting changes are on the horizon for San Ramon’s former Chevron headquarters! The San Ramon Planning Department is gearing up to review plans that will transform the 92-acre campus into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood, courtesy of Sunset Development, the owner of Bishop Ranch.

The initial concept, proposed in late 2022, envisions a thoughtful blend of residential and commercial spaces. Apartments, townhomes, and 125,000 square feet of retail will be the focal points of the development, centered around a beautiful central park. Moreover, pocket parks and open spaces will be generously sprinkled throughout the area, ensuring a harmonious connection with nature.

Among the preliminary scenarios, one option emphasizes low-density housing, featuring charming townhomes alongside five-story and seven-story apartments. This configuration will accommodate 2,030 apartments and a 97,000 square feet retail center, offering residents a cozy yet convenient setting to call home.

On the other end of the spectrum, the boldest proposal unveiled earlier this year proposes a higher density approach. Six to seven-story housing will line Bollinger Canyon Road and the adjacent freeway, with a mixed-use residence and mobility hub conveniently located across from the renowned City Center Bishop Ranch shopping mall, designed by the esteemed architect Renzo Piano. This high-density plan will offer 2,850 residential units, catering to a diverse range of living preferences.

The planning department’s review meeting, set to take place on July 18th at 6 PM, will be a crucial milestone in shaping this development. Whether attending in person or online, community members can participate in the discussion, making their voices heard and contributing to the evolution of this remarkable project.

The transformation of the former Chevron headquarters into a mixed-use neighborhood promises to invigorate San Ramon and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

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