Oakland Zoo Roars Back to Life


The Oakland Zoo has been closed for several weeks due to the recent severe weather that has affected the Bay Area. The weather caused a sinkhole near the entrance of the zoo, which required extensive repairs. However, the zoo officials have confirmed that the animals were safe and well taken care of during the closure.

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Now, the zoo is finally reopened its doors to the public on Friday, February 3rd, much to the delight of visitors who have been eagerly awaiting its reopening. CEO of the Oakland Zoo, Nik Dehajia, stated that the storm caused much damage, including falling trees and overflowing drains. Still, the repair process is now complete, and the zoo is ready to welcome visitors back. He also mentioned that the zoo is applying for federal funding from FEMA to help with the repair costs.

In addition to the regular exhibits and activities, the zoo is extending its popular Glowfari event to March 4th, providing visitors with even more opportunities to experience the enchanting nighttime exhibit. Glowfari is a unique event where visitors can explore the zoo after hours and see the animals and exhibits lit up with colorful lights. The event is a huge hit with visitors of all ages and a must-see for anyone visiting Oakland Zoo.

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Tickets for the Glowfari event nights are now available for purchase, and regular daytime admission tickets will be offered to start at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Dehajia stated that some of the species at the zoo have missed the interaction with the public and are looking forward to seeing visitors return. He mentioned that visitors play an important role in the lives of the animals, as the interaction and attention from visitors can help to improve their overall well-being.

In a tweet, Oakland Zoo expressed its excitement about the reopening and the extension of the Glowfari event. The tweet read: “We are thrilled to announce Oakland Zoo will reopen to the general public on Friday, 2/3! And…Glowfari has been extended! Tickets for all Glowfari event nights are on sale from 2/3-3/4.”

The extension will allow more people to experience the magical display of colorful lights and festive decorations throughout the zoo grounds. Visitors can expect to see twinkling lights, animated displays, and special activities that are fun for the whole family.

Overall, the reopening of Oakland Zoo is excellent news for the community and visitors, who can once again visit the zoo and experience its offerings, including the extended Glowfari event.

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