Head West Marketplace comes to Concord, Ca!


Head West 

The creators of Head West have been working hard to bring you a local, community marketplace that’s accessible and affordable. They believe in the idea of the modern maker and want to help you get your goods out there! 

They curate an outdoor retail experience that combines the modern maker’s ideals with the spirit of the traveling vagabond. They also have a fantastic staff behind them, and they’re always looking for new people to join the family.

What can I expect at Head West?

Local brands and small companies may sell their wares in person at several neighborhood locations on a regular basis thanks to their “in-real-life” platform, Head West, which is based in Northern California. 

From hand-made ceramics to locally sourced vintage, new categories of goods are always available to explore. Centered on connecting people, forging communities, and sustaining the local economy, Head West continues to build upon its marketplaces by offering expanded resources for small businesses to learn, grow, connect and share.

They have a small team of local coordinators and staff that help bring the marketplaces to life, and they are always looking for new additions!

Head West Marketplace Dates

Head West is coming back to California this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited!

You can find Head West on the following dates and venues:

  • Todos Santos Plaza in Concord on Saturday, July 16th
  • Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda on Sunday, July 17th
  • Fourth Street in Berkeley on Saturday, July 23rd
  • The SF Ferry Building in San Francisco on Sunday, August 7th
  • The Barlow in Sebastopol on Saturday, August 13th
  • The Barlow in Sebastopol again on Sunday, August 14th
  • Todos Santos Plaza again on Saturday, August 20th
  • Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda again on August 21st
  • Head West Pride at Hayes Valley in San Francisco on August 28th—and many more places!



Head West has been an amazing source of community and creative expression. One of the best things about the project is that it’s not just one person doing everything by themselves, so it remains relevant and current. 

If you love California’s vibrancy and diversity like we do (and if you don’t know what vibrancy or diversity even mean), then you’ll want to check out Head West this summer!


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