East Bay Seller Process Part 3

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So we reviewed all the offers. We found an offer that we really like. Maybe we negotiated, maybe we didn’t have to negotiate. And let’s just say we’ve accepted that offer.

A very important step is ensuring and making sure that with any counters or negotiations, that we want that buyer’s earnest money deposit within 24 hours.

So keep in mind, that me and my team will be here every step of the way. And I mainly say that because if you no longer live in the home, no need to worry. Me and my team do weekly check backs on all the properties that we list.

Ensuring lawns are mode. Mail is retrieved, but most importantly, the home stays in the same condition throughout escrow.

So once we get to the finish line, our escrow officer will contact you for signing. And shortly after that, you will receive your funds, however you prefer. And we have officially sold your house.

Now it’s common after you’ve sold your house, there’s gonna be some other things that the buyers may not be used to.

Maybe you have a security system that you left there. You may need a little bit of help to kind of get that out of your name and let the buyers kind of take it over.

So that’s about the most that you’ll have to do once it’s closed. Other than that, it’s a very straightforward process. We’ve developed these systems to make it easier on you.

Thank you for watching this video. If you’re a visual learner like me, this probably helped you a lot.

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Client Success Stories

More Success

Roland was wonderful to work with! He sold our condo in Hercules after one open house and we went into escrow after just 5 days being on the market during holiday season! He made everything very easy to navigate, very professional, always available and helpful. Roland and his team made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be since it was during the holiday times. Roland really cares passionately about his job and his calming manner worked wonders for us. Highly recommend and will for sure be using him in the future!

Kayla R

When I decided to sell my house, Roland was one of several realtors recommended to me by friends. After my first meeting with him, I didn't need to talk to anyone else -- I knew he would be the perfect realtor for me and my house and I was right!

April P

Roland definitely sets the bar high. He was very helpful and informative while guiding us through the process of purchasing our first home. I was overwhelmed with anticipation of how dreadful the process would be based off what I had heard from others experiences, but I honestly can’t imagine a more seamless process than the one we experienced with Roland and his team. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. He also have great advice which we followed and benefited from. Team Roland all the way!

Stephanie V