East Bay Seller Process Part 2

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So basically what would be happening is we had our first initial meeting. It went well and we wanna work together. You like my style of listing up home. And you wanna work with me, right?

Ideally,  that’s what I would love. So our next step is gonna be determining your home’s value and signing the listing contract.

So after we’ve strategized, I’ve answered all of the necessary questions to make you feel comfortable. We then determine the best listing price for your home and generate a listing contract.

A listing contract, essentially designates on the contract that I will be the listing agent who will be listing your home.

Just to touch on briefly some other important aspects of a listing contract show:

  • The percentage that will be charged for listing the home
  • As well as how long the listing term will be.

So once we’ve determined our strategy around listing price and got the listing contract squared away, we move on to the prepping portion of getting your home ready for marketing.

Now chances are in our first initial meeting, we probably already talked about the general scope of that. But, if I’m going to put this into steps, this step would essentially come after we’ve squared, everything away, document-wise, with the listing contract and price.

So prepping your home for market can almost be seen as just as equally vital as the listing price is to your property as well. This is where most agents fail. When it comes to listing a home. Our job is not just to put a sign in the ground and put your home on the MLS and just wait for people to come.

My job is to get you the price you want. Ideally, the highest price possible all while having you put in the least amount of money as possible to get the best return on investment.

Me personally, as an agent, I will cover the staging. I covered the cleaning and the full marketing of your property. Of course with my past experiences, as well as doing some of my own renovation projects as well. I also use my expertise to let you know where we can add value to your listing.

So if we end up doing anything more extensive, let’s just say, like putting in new countertops. Or possibly painting the kitchen cabinets that are already in, or even a full paint job that needs to be done to the interior of the home. My job is to manage and align all of those vendors for you essentially taking anything. That’s gonna be heavy lifting off of your plate.

Your job as a seller should be solely to declutter. Or move any of your belongings out of the home. I handle the rest.

Okay. So we’ve got your home totally ready for market. It’s very clean. It looks like a magazine. We then move on to the marketing of your home. I sometimes call it pre-marketing because I like to do some stuff before it’s actually on and live on the MLS.

So once your home is stick and span, my media team will come out for the works, which includes HD photography, aerial photography, multiple variations of videos, a 3d matter port walkthrough, and 2d floor plans to give people a nice aerial look at which room is where in sort of a mapped out version.

In addition to that, I send out 500 direct mail pieces to all of your surrounding neighbors. So sometimes, just depends on the time of the year. I’ve had an ice cream truck come out, a taco truck, come out for an open house. What I’m usually doing is letting the neighbors know, Hey, I have an open house at 123 Main Street.

I want you to either come and get an early look or please come to the open house. We’ll have snacks, beverages, and anything like that to try and get as many neighbors in as. Possibly even some of their friends or family that are looking to move into the neighborhood, which is very, very common. Once all those steps are complete, we publish your listing on the MLS. I do my email blast amongst many other things, and we let the showings begin.

Okay, so your home has been live on the MLS and now we’ve set our offer date, or maybe we’re just taking offers as they come. It kind of really depends on where the market is at at the time. So ideally we set a time to review all offers.

So once an offer or offers come in, we will review them together via zoom or in person. Whichever is easiest for all the offers that I receive when I list up homes are sent to a separate email to ensure organization and they’re basically reviewed in the order that we’ve received them. When reviewing these offers with you, I discuss the pros and cons of each offer and why some offers may be better than other offers.

There are a ton of different components that go into an offer. As surprising as it may seem, the highest offer is not always the best offer. I’ll explain more on that when we get to that point. So once we’ve accepted an offer, we’ve now entered the escrow process and then move on to closing once we get to that point.

Client Success Stories

More Success

Roland was wonderful to work with! He sold our condo in Hercules after one open house and we went into escrow after just 5 days being on the market during holiday season! He made everything very easy to navigate, very professional, always available and helpful. Roland and his team made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be since it was during the holiday times. Roland really cares passionately about his job and his calming manner worked wonders for us. Highly recommend and will for sure be using him in the future!

Kayla R

When I decided to sell my house, Roland was one of several realtors recommended to me by friends. After my first meeting with him, I didn't need to talk to anyone else -- I knew he would be the perfect realtor for me and my house and I was right!

April P

Roland definitely sets the bar high. He was very helpful and informative while guiding us through the process of purchasing our first home. I was overwhelmed with anticipation of how dreadful the process would be based off what I had heard from others experiences, but I honestly can’t imagine a more seamless process than the one we experienced with Roland and his team. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. He also have great advice which we followed and benefited from. Team Roland all the way!

Stephanie V