Diego Rivera’s America


Diego Rivera’s works have made him one of the world’s best-known and most-loved painters. He created paintings, drawings, murals, and frescoes that have been exhibited worldwide for decades.

Rivera’s America

This exhibition focuses on Rivera’s work from the 1920s to the mid-40s, when he created a new vision for North America based on his travels in Mexico and the United States. More than 150 paintings, frescoes, and sketches from Rivera’s oeuvre are displayed. 

Rivera's Artwork

Three galleries are dedicated to large-scale films that depict some of the most essential murals Diego Rivera painted in Mexico and the United States.

The exhibition of Diego Rivera’s America will also showcase some of Diego Rivera’s lesser-known and more well-known works. In addition, two artworks that have never been shown in public will be presented for the first time. One of the paintings is a portrait commissioned by Jane and Peter Fonda’s mother, socialite Frances Ford Seymour. 

The Opening 

On July 17, 2022, visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Free Community Day enjoyed a festive celebration of the opening of Diego Rivera’s America. The show was free to enter and featured live music and other activities around the museum.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Free Community Day enjoyed a festive celebration of the opening of Diego Rivera's America

On the first Thursday of each month, residents of the Bay Area may visit SFMOMA for free from 1–8 p.m. The first Thursday events are designed to celebrate the exhibition and provide local artists and musicians opportunities to showcase their work while supporting their community.

Rivera’s show will be commemorated with live performances, readings, and music on the first Thursday of each month from August through October.

All About Rivera’s Paintings

Since 2021, his enormous “Pan American Unity,” painted in San Francisco in 1940, has been exhibited on the museum’s first level. According to Castro, the museum’s permanent collection of Rivera’s work includes more than 70 works, 40 of which are on show as part of the exhibition.

Rivera's Paintings

Many long-time inhabitants virtually expect Rivera’s art of the Bay Area. Visitors will be able to explore further this connection with “Diego Rivera’s America.”.

Rivera devoted a lot of time and energy to several significant ideological issues during his most creative years. But unfortunately, these causes came perilously near to taking priority over his work. 

Who are we as Mexicans, and how can we utilize art to express ourselves as a people? What was the most successful way he discovered to evoke the spirit of Mexico’s working class? What does it mean to have a global identity when spending so much time in the United States? 

His remedies to these problems may be seen in books such as “The Corn Grinder” (1926) and “Pan American Unity” (1928).

Head Over and Have A Look at Diego Rivera’s America

The Diego Rivera exhibit at SFMOMA is a must-see for anyone interested in art or the history of Mexico.

From the colorful and vibrant murals on display to the detailed descriptions of the artists’ lives, this exhibit will give you a better understanding of how art has been used in different times and places to reflect on social issues and politics.

Diego Rivera Art exhibit at SFMOMA

What’s more, it will show you how an artist can use their work to communicate complex ideas about history, identity politics, and cultural traditions through visual images accessible to everyone who visits the museum.

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