Contra Costa County Supervisors Give Green Light On Cannabis Sales & Vaping Products


Supervisor Diane Burgis introduced a measure that would expand legal access to cannabis in Contra Costa County. It passed 3-2 on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors passed a measure which will enable the sale and delivery of non-flavored cannabis and vaping products in unincorporated areas of County. While this vote was met with dissent from two board members, supervisor Federal Glover and Candace Andersen, no changes were made to the existing regulations outlining the ban on flavored tobacco products. The passing of this ordinance is yet another step towards providing individuals in Contra Costa County with safe access to cannabis products while continuing to promote against flavored tobacco use.

With the new ordinance, elderly and health-challenged citizens of Contra Costa County will be able to access a broader range of cannabis products. Supervisor Diane Burgis is behind this initiative that ensures those in need can benefit from marijuana’s medicinal properties while also taking every precaution necessary to keep it away from young people. Thanks to her leadership, quality medical care is now more accessible than ever before.

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors recognized CCTV 

Californians took a landmark step in 2016 when they said “yes” to Prop 64 and legalized adult recreational cannabis use. But not all marijuana-related products have been embraced – Contra Costa County’s ban on flavored tobacco, menthol cigarettes, AND vaping products shows that it takes more than just the mere acceptance of weed to keep up with changing trends. In 2018 county supervisors passed an ordinance outlining regulations for commercial activities so you can still enjoy your bud.

​​Youth cannabis vaping is an issue Contra Costa County has taken a stand on – and it’s not backing down. Last year, the county led the way in creating regulations for recreational product sales within select cities; now supervisors are taking extra steps to ensure young people stay safe and illegal markets shrink. To that end, they’ve requested health services develop a program funded by local cannabis businesses with awareness-raising initiatives at its core.

By Roland Osage | East Bay Exclusive

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