Black Star Pirate’s BBQ is a Party of Parties With Its New Orleans Jazz Funeral


A better way to be sad about your favorite barbecue place that is closing is to throw a party that’s funeral-themed, right?

Although no one seems as sad about Black Star Pirate’s BBQ closing than chef Tony Caracci, he’s decided to send the ship off with a bang. After all these years of serving up good spirits, the chef and his crew have put together a spectacular funeral-themed party complete with a non-negotiable New Orleans Jazz band. 

BBQ Party

There’s really no other way of putting it. The Black Star Pirate’s BBQ sendoff is going to be a blast. Join in the fun and help the crowd say goodbye to Black Star Pirate’s BBQ this November 27th at Point San Pablo Harbor. 

Come dressed in your best party garb with an empty stomach. The pirates are serving up an extravagant feast fit for the scurviest of crews one last time.

What Makes Black Star Pirate’s BBQ So Special?

Black Star Pirate’s BBQ

Aside from the brisket and ribs that everyone has grown to love, what makes this barbecue place special is how everything is made with love. Not only that, but it is also because of how this barbecue place has always been treated like chef Caraccis’ baby. With so much love and careful consideration that was poured into this place for such a long time, from going from one location down to another, it is hard to let this one go. 

Though that may be the case, endings can also serve as a beginning for this one just like how chef Caracci likes to put it because it’s not entirely the end for the Black Star Pirate’s BBQ. Though they will be closing the barbecue place for some time, they also plan on having pop-ups at his other restaurant called the Baltic Kiss. And if you ever miss chef Caracci’s meals made with love and have such a fiery taste, be sure that you drop by!

However, get your groove going and fill up your stomachs with the best barbecue in town as you party with them one last time this November 27th!

Join in the Fun At Black Star Pirate’s BBQ Sendoff

Goodbyes are definitely hard, especially when you don’t want to. However, there can also be something good in it especially when it means a new beginning for everyone! With that, you should definitely join in on the party of parties this November 27th at Point San Pablo Harbor!

Waiting until sunset is definitely not a thing with this send off because the party will be starting as early as noon! With Danny Montana’s performances that will be followed by Al Lazard & the World Street Players walking everyone down the jetty, November 27th will be a night to remember for everyone that gets to attend. Aside from fun tunes and wonderful performances.

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