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One of the BEST Cities to live in the Bay Area is Walnut Creek!

Are you thinking about buying or relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area but don’t necessarily want to live right in the city? In this video, I give you a visual tour of what Walnut Creek has to offer!

In this series of videos I’ll be showing you the DETAILS of some of my favorite cities the East Bay has to offer. All the way down to specific zip codes and neighborhoods.

We’ve had the pleasure of helping so many families relocate here to the East Bay who initially have the larger city’s in mind. But it takes a true Bay Area native to show you EVERY city the greater Bay Area has to offer. If you are moving or relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area we can help make the transition smooth and easy!

I look forward to the opportunity of being your go-to resource and Realtor for living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll be sharing with you all that the Bay has to offer, from Real Estate Market updates, new development homes and opportunities, to the newest restaurants and local favorites! Don’t be shy to leave a comment or ask any questions on my videos!

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By utilizing video marketing and his local knowledge Roland strives to add value to every Bay Area resident possible. Whether that’s informing buyers in different cities or putting together an intricate listing video to put his seller’s home in the best light.

Roland preaches tech and the modern ways of selling homes to give his clients the best advantage over his competitors.

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