Amáre Apartments In Martinez, Contra Costa County Approval Update


Congratulations to the Amáre Apartments team, who received approval for their new apartment building in Martinez, Contra Costa County! The board voted unanimously in favor of granting the applicant’s request for a variance that would allow them to build their proposed project at the site.

The City of Martinez has approved plans for a six-structure apartment complex dubbed the Amáre Apartment Homes site where an old Ford dealership once stood. The auto-oriented development will span six acres and create 183 new homes between Arnold Drive and Highway 4; Austin Group is the project developer.

Amáre Apartments building five, rendering by Johnson Lyman Architects

The 35-foot tall structures will cover a fifth of the six-acre property; nine units out of 183 total (five percent) are designated affordable housing for low-income families. The project will include 104 one-bedroom and 79 two-bedroom units and parking spaces for 275 vehicles. Eighty-seven of these spots will be in garages; 188 others will be available outside the residential area. The development also boasts amenities, including an onsite gym, common areas for residents to enjoy—and management offices where they can receive support if needed.

Johnson Lyman Architects designed the project. The firm describes its proposed theme as “a cottage/craftsman vernacular, with varied forms and materials that create a unique statement for the neighborhood. Three palettes—each varying in form but all attuned to an overall craftsman motif—are dispersed throughout the design.” The façade will be composed of plaster and shingles, decorated by ledgestone around the base level.

Amáre Apartments outdoor common space, rendering by Johnson Lyman Architects

Thomas Baak & Associates, a Walnut Creek-based landscape architecture firm, will line the project’s border with over two hundred new trees to absorb noise and provide privacy. In addition, small planters will fill the space. Also included in the design are an outdoor children’s playground and dining areas for use by residents.

Amáre Apartments site map, illustration by Thomas Baak

The property is located along Arnold Drive, between apartments and the County Assessors Office. It overlooks Highway 4—also known as the John Muir Parkway — which runs on a pathway above it. The Humann Company, a civil engineering firm based in Colorado Springs, Colo., was chosen for the job. The team expects construction to take about two years from groundbreaking until completion.

Now it’s time to reach out and contact real estate agents who list those properties! Let them know what kind of house you’re looking for so they can show you the best options. If you find a place that looks promising, get a good home inspection (from someone other than the seller), so you know what you’re getting into before making an offer.

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