5 Best Breakfast Spots In The East Bay


The East Bay has a lot of great breakfast spots, but these five are the cream of the crop. So, if you’re looking to grab breakfast in the East Bay, consider one of these five options.

Bull Valley Roadhouse 

Bull Valley Roadhouse 

Bull Valley Roadhouse is one of the best breakfast spots in the East Bay, and it’s easy to see why.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is that it’s warm and welcoming. It’s an excellent place to meet with friends or family, especially if you’re sick of going to the same old coffee shop and breakfast joint.

Bull Valley Roadhouse focuses on high-quality drinks and local foods, which means that everything is fresh from the chef. 

Kitchen Story 

Kitchen Story is one of the best breakfast spots in the East Bay because it combines California cuisine with Asian influences.

California has long been known for its avocados, cilantro, and spicy food—and Kitchen Story brings all of those things together to create a fresh and new menu. 

And while they’re doing an excellent job at combining these two cultures’ cuisines, they’re also bringing something new to the table: they’re using local ingredients to create dishes that are both familiar and excitingly different from anything else you’ve ever tasted before.

Sunrise Bistro 

Sunrise Bistro

With a varied menu and a convenient online ordering app, Sunrise Bistro is a top choice for breakfast in the East Bay. To further facilitate your eating their great food at home or at the office, they now provide catering services.

Additionally, Sunrise Bistro uses fresh ingredients to create its delicious dishes. You’ll find fresh fruit, vegetables, and grains on their menus. The restaurant is also environmentally friendly—compostable materials for their takeout containers and plates.

The Hideout 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something light, like a simple eggs benedict, or if you’re craving something hearty and filling, like a classic American breakfast with pancakes and bacon. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, The Hideout Kitchen has got you covered.

The Hideout Kitchen is also known for its excellent service. The servers are friendly and helpful, always ready to answer any questions about the menu or suggest their favorite dishes. They’ll even refill your water glass without asking!

The food at The Hideout Kitchen is always fresh and delicious; they use local produce wherever possible and make most of their ingredients from scratch. As a result, their ingredients are always fresh and delicious—you can tell just by looking at them!

La Note

La Note Restaurant

La Note is one of the best breakfast spots in the East Bay. In addition, the restaurant and patio are available for private events, making it a great place to host a business meeting or birthday party.

The food is delicious and traditional, with a wide variety of options. You can choose from classics like French toast and omelets or try something new with their Eggs Benedict sliders or corned beef hash.

The restaurant is comfortable and inviting, with booths and tables available for large or small parties. They also have a patio area where you can enjoy your meal outdoors if the weather’s nice! 

You can take a look at La Note’s extensive menu and order your food from any location through their app and website, whether you’re sitting in front of your computer or on the go.

Have Your Morning Meals in East Bay

No matter what you’re craving, there’s always a breakfast spot in the East Bay that will hit the spot. The East Bay is full of great breakfast spots; these are only the top 5. All of them are excellent restaurants, so you can’t really go wrong.

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