30 Bike Turnouts Installed At Mt. Diablo State Park


While considerable progress was made a year ago in implementing $1.5 million in state funds to improve bicycle safety on the narrow roads around Mount Diablo, there is still work to be done.

The Bike Turnouts

The 3,849-foot-tall mountain in northern Contra Costa County is a favorite destination for bikers from the Bay Area. California State Parks started construction on 30 new cycling turnouts on the mountain in July. Because of these turnouts, a vehicle might pass a bike without endangering it by turning right into the climbing chamber. Activists feel that recent polls are a crucial step forward in the campaign to stop the region’s decades of bloodshed. According to Eddie Guaracha, director of the Diablo Range District, state park officials have examined just 17 incidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles since 2010.

How the 30 Bike Turnabouts got Approved

According to Mount Diablo Cyclist, an organization committed to promoting bicycle safety, the mountain was the site of at least 36 accidents involving bikers and motorists between 2010 and 2021. 

The numbers were compiled through road accident and public safety incident reports and requests for public records. According to what the organization has disclosed, there are records. State park officials predict that the restoration will be finished in three phases over the next three months. The first concept called for installing 13 turnouts, which would necessitate the closure of South Gate Road during the week for three weeks. South Gate Road is one of the park’s main entrances.

What Happened to the Past Turnabouts?

There were already seventeen turnouts in place a few years ago, in addition to the recently erected ones. Guaracha believes that the early ones contributed significantly to the decrease in the frequency of hostile actions. For decades, there have been vehicle and motorbike accidents on Mount Diablo, a trip that goes up and back. Based on information acquired from public sources and the organization’s video surveys done over the years, Mount Diablo Cyclist estimates that there are around 150,000 cyclists yearly. Cullin and the other team members have spent years looking for accident records and conducting surveys to better understand the mountain’s risks and why so many people are injured or killed there. According to Kalin, mountain bikers grew considerably during the epidemic, resulting in record levels of riding throughout the country.”These votes will make road conditions on the mountain safer for vehicles and bikers,” said State Senator Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, who spearheaded the campaign.

How It Got Through

Despite this, Glazer’s chief of staff, Daniel Weintraub, has upped the number of additional turnouts to 30, claiming higher design and construction expenses. Moving forward, Glaser will prioritize achievement.

The Diablo State Park Has Some Great Trails for Anyone Who Wants to Get Into Biking

According to experienced mountain bikers familiar with Mount Diablo, there are still deadly blind areas to avoid. Bikers argue that even a single bike lane is better than none and that other parks, towns, and counties should follow their example.

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